David’s songs of ascents. Psalms 122 and 124 (week 4)

Upon further reading I have discovered that four of the songs of ascents in the Psalms are accredited to being written by David, the very same Jewish King sculpted by Michaelangelo.  This blog is going to critique that notion. Psalm 122 speaks of the glories that God has bestowed on Israel and Jerusalem as the “house of the Lord.” This is a common theme throughout the psalms and the hebrew bible, Israel as the promised holy land occupied by “the tribes of Yah.” This Psalm doesn’t really differ to many other Psalms through its routine praise of the lord in Israel. My qualm is that there is a school of thought believing that this Psalm was written by David. It begins as “a song of ascents for David” where it was previously touched upon that for David equates to by David, however if it is by David why would he refer to himself in the third person-“An ordinance it is for Israel to acclaim the name of the LORD. For there the thrones of judgment stand, the thrones of the house of David.” Secondly, the house of David could be interpreted that Jerusalem and Israel are ruled by the descendants of David.

Psalm 124 is in constant reference to the Babylonian captivity which would have occurred hundreds of years after his death. Evidence is pointed to “Were it not the Lord who was for us when people rose against us” which Alter believes is in reference to the Babylonian conquest of Judea.


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